“It’s Like Vitamins for Your Plants.”

For your home

Ensure your plants stay healthy if the light isn’t right.

For your garden

The simplest path to a thriving, healthy garden.

for your orchids

Richer color and bigger blooms that root in health.

For your cannabis

Even a beginner can grow like a pro.

For your Succulents

Vibrant colour, richer flesh, stronger spines.

Extracted from certified organic worm compost

When you start with the right nutrients, you can expect the best results.  Our Specialty Fertilizers are a simple way to deliver the right nutrients.

We all know that plants look for their essential nutrients in the soil, our specialty fertilizers allow you to spray those on, so now your plants can focus on what they do best, grow, bloom and yield.


Products rooted in europe

For over 35 years, Agrowcultural Organics products have been used by Certified Organic Farmers across Europe.

With dramatic results. Conclusive studies have shown a superior quality, healthy product, with greater resistance to disease and drought plus an increase in yield. All that with reduced need for soil fertilizers, because healthy plants are very efficient at managing nutrients.

Scientifically proven

Laboratory tested for 15 years before going to market. 

Our specialty Fertilizers have been extensively tested around the world, showing that they deliver exceptional results indoor, outdoor, in North America, Asia or Europe, no matter where you grow.

What our customers are saying!

“I decided to see if PlantRx really did work. I bought 2 aloe vera plants, sprayed one and didn’t do anything for 3 months. Wow the one I sprayed grew new shoots and was thriving the other was dead. I use PlantRx on all my plants now.”

Vanessa, Toronto Canada

“I bought a new plant and some GardenRx to try, one application and the results were clear a week later. “ Karinna Innisfil ON