SucculentRx is a specialty fertilizer that yields exceptional results for your succulent plants.  In the late evening or at night, simply shake your bottle of SucculentRx, spray the mist on the thick fleshy tissue, stems and/or leaves of your succulents. 
Enthusiasts have observed an increase in health, size, and the depth of colour of their plants. 


How it works:

Succulents normally seek essential elements and amino acids in the soil via their roots, now you can spray these directly on the plant’s stems and leaves at night. With all of the nutrients now in its cells, the plant can focus its energy on absorbing the nutrients from the ground to accelerate growth. 

Easy to use:

On plants taller than 2.5cm/1inch, apply to the stems and leaves when the temperature is cooler than 26 degrees. For best results
apply daily, weekly, or at least a minimum of 3 times growing
season/cycle (once at the start, in the middle and 1 week before harvest).  

What it contains:

  • Extract of certified organic worm compost
  • All the beneficial essential elements and amino acids
  • Ph 6.7